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Tennis Coach.  Mental Coach.  Life Coach.

OLIVER MESSERLI,  a native of South Africa, has been training athletes for 24 years and is the founder/CEO of the world renowned TENNISPOWER Academy located in Southern California and the tennis clothing line worn by many Tour players, TENNISPOWER Apparel.  He has been in the International Professional Tennis Arena for 18 years, competed on the ATP Tour, coached, trained and has traveled with many players on the ATP and WTA Tour who all achieved greatness at the highest professional level through his guidance and world class training systems.  His most recent accomplishments are taking Jason Jung from 391 to a career high of 114 (on the ATP tour) and watching one of his younger students, Ena Shibahara, win her first WTA 1000 doubles titles bringing her young career doubles ranking to #13 in the world.  She started with Oliver when she was 9 years of age.

During his time on the WTA Tour, Oliver helped his clients win a total of 4 Grand Slam Titles, 15 Tier 1 or 2 singles/doubles titles.   While under his watchful eye, Lisa Raymond and Rene Stubbs ended 2000 as the #1 doubles team in the world and Kimberly Po ended that year as #6 on the WTA Tour Doubles Ranking and reached a singles ranking of #14 in the world.  Lisa Raymond also ended that year ranked #13 on the WTA singles ranking and was the best doubles player in the world while traveling with Oliver.  During his time on the road, some of his other clients have been Mary Pierce reaching her career high of #2 on the WTA Tour, Erika Delone and Nicole Pratt whose singles ranking went from #96 to #41 in 4 months.  

On the US National junior front, Oliver has helped many young players reach the #1 spot in the US in their age group.

  Oliver is not only known for his tennis passion but also for the care he shows towards his clients.  He enjoys becoming completely engrossed and involved with the process each person experiences; the ups and downs and the tough challenges that make each player stronger and more resilient than before.  Through his experience as the #1 ranked Junior in South Africa, as a NCAA Division 1 player and playing on the ATP Tour events, Oliver brings his personal experience to guide all his players to benefit and achieve ultimate success. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville, Kentucky and a recipient of the Arthur Ashe Collegiate Sportsmanship Award.  Oliver and his TENNISPOWER Academy team impact and guide many of the top US juniors to help them achieve their goals and prepare them for the WTA and ATP Tour or NCAA Division 1 Tennis. 


The philosphy behind TENNISPOWER.


What makes a great coach?  What separates one coach from another?  How do you know that you can put your trust and place your child’s athletic future in the hands of a specific individual?  These are great questions that TennisPower has answers for. Coach Oliver Messerli, the brainchild behind TENNISPOWER LLC, has impacted players at every level of the world tennis arena.   His keen understanding of each unique player's needs and his approach to nurturing versus challenging limits are qualities in his coaching methodology that sets him apart from the rest.  Combined with his unwavering belief to instill the building blocks of discipline, effort, consistency and attitude within each and every player, Oliver works to structure the player to work hard on and off the court.  Oliver has accomplished multiple goals of training and coaching over 75 athletes to receive NCAA Division 1 Scholarships since 2003.  Over the last couple of years he has experienced tennis from the other side, as the father of young junior players himself.  His Elite TENNISPOWER Program is currently impacting high performance juniors from ages 9-18 on a daily basis. 


Tennis is life.

TENNISPOWER believes that Tennis is so much more than a racquet and a handful of strokes.  Tennis teaches respect, commitment, hard work, fitness, nutrition, strategy, mental-toughness, planning, organizing, goal-setting, scheduling, marketing, passion, joy and continual self-assessment and evolution.  Through his wealth of experience, Coach Oliver offers sports training and strategic consulting, through every stage of tennis development to the highest level of tennis players worldwide.  



MENTALPOWER360 is a sports consulting platform developed by TennisGuru Oliver Messerli that focuses on the mental development of the serious athlete looking to compete at the highest level.  Oliver's approach focusses not only on understanding the player but more importantly the overall individual.  His system helps individuals to reach their full potential by guiding them to overcome the most challenging mental hurdles.  Every athletes dream is different, every path varies and every goal is unique. Through his challenging training system, athletes put themselves on the line and are willing to work hard on a daily basis to get the most out of themselves.  Greatness is achieved through the constant mental and physical discipline developed within the program. 


MENTALPOWER 360 also offers tennis specific guidance and consulting on Division 1 College Recruiting, utilizing a top-down approach to identifying and narrowing down specific college interests; timing and networking with college coaches; and mapping out a path for specific tournaments, events and showcases with the ultimate goal of being offered a scholarship to a desired school of choice.   With COVID conditions changing the college recruiting environment, now more than ever before, understanding new information and the ability to adjust to significant changes is key.  Oliver's relationships with college coaches as well as former and current college players helps in this process. 


MENTALPOWER 360 also offers specific sports training and strategic consulting to athletes worldwide.  With its global reach, Oliver Messerli consults with players of all ages and levels to understand their needs and goals.  Oliver and staff have had substantial experience and personal success using their specialized and sports specific training techniques, combined with travel experience to Junior USTA National and ITF tournaments, Challengers and the ATP/WTA Tour.  Oliver's travel experience while on Tour has allowed him opportunites for successful networking with other reputable coaches and players worldwide.



— Aristotle

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